Hello to all the people who read what I have to say. I would just like to thank you so very much for all the comments you make and yes to those who like to draw attention to my spelling mistakes, I am trying to lift my game. I now have thousands of people reading and many many make comments and lots want to know all about me. I did not set out for this to develop this way, but I am most flattered and thank you. I can not post all comments by any means but I do my best. There would probably be no more that ten people who know who I am and I would rather keep it that way if you do not mind.

For those who continue to ask me how old I am and am I single, The answer is pretty old and pretty single, but not very pretty unless you use a white cane and then I can tell you a few lies and get away with it.

As the American’s like to say. Have a nice day.


Footnote. I get asked all the time if I can be quoted. It is often a case of a newspaper or a journalist or it could be just one of my readers wanting to use what I have written and I must say I am very flattered for I am just an ordinary person.

The answer is YES of course you can quote me. All I ask is you give credit where credit is due.

I also get asked if I can be followed on  Twitter, No sorry I am not into Twitter and I am not famous.


I have had lots of people write me telling just how I can copy what someone else has written and not be found out. Are you serious ? Why would I want to do that. If someone does not like what I have to say then do not read my views or thoughts. If you are not happy with what I say and want to comment then fine I will respect that but if you think I am going to get into the business of plagiarism then forget it. My writings are mine and mine alone.