A Bakery called Clementine and a Restaurant called Delizioso

I have just spent three weeks on the road speaking, and by chance I stumbled across two places that I have to tell my Australian readers about for one very good reason. Both establishments were fantastic in their own way. I must confess it takes a lot for me to sit in front of a computer and rabbit on about hotels or places to eat, but when I come across a place that rattles my cage with pleasure I can not help myself….So here goes.

If I am on the road and staying in a City I have always liked to get out into the country and visit small towns, and so it was that I was in Canberra last week and on a Friday I cranked up my motor and headed out to a town called Yass, an hours drive away. It was lunch time and I was looking for just a sandwich and perhaps a treat while I sat reading my paper and taking care of mild hunger pains.

In the main street of the town of Yass, I stumbled across a small bakery which went by the name “Clementine”, and what a delight it was to set foot inside. Now when I get excited about a place it generally has to do with more than just the food. It is the package that I enjoy, and in this case it came with the product and the young woman who looked after me and the owner who was just a delight. Yes you can say “so what” but remember when it comes to a small business that is owner operated, that is very important. There are two things that I find hard to come by these days. One is style, and the other is class, and it would appear the owner had both. So the end result was that two days later I returned for another visit and to see if I enjoyed myself and the product just as much as the first time and YES I did, so if by any chance any of my readers are passing Yass either heading north or south and it is time for a little something to eat, get off the highway and look for Clementine the Bakery. If you do, ask for Brooke as she is a real treat serving up real treats.

My second experience happened when I was staying near the small town of Laurieton in NSW. Generally when visiting in a small village the best place to get a bite to eat I have found is a local pub, and so it was with that in mind I was heading to one when by chance I came across an Italian Restaurant going by the name “Delizioso” in the main street. It was a Monday and it was quite busy and that had me thinking. Perhaps the place is known for its food. I was greeted by a young lass upon entering who was what I would call a real treat. Just delightful and as I would later learn, only thirteen years of age. Wow. I love to see that and she went on to look after me in the most delightful of ways with much style. Now when it came to the food I was taken aback. I find as I get older I want to eat less and less so I often order a couple of starters which I did this night. As someone who cooks and has owned dining establishments in years past I realize I can be a tad critical but I was taken aback by the finished product. My understanding is the Chef was from Germany, and what was put in front of me to eat in my opinion, would rate a Michelin Star. Now there are Italian places to eat in the country everywhere, with some good, and some not so good, but here was a place that was above good. I am not going to go into all that was on the Menu but take it from me that once again, like I have said in my previous rant about the Bakery in Yass, if you are ever staying in the area of Laurieton, make the effort to head to Delizioso for dinner and to the guys if you are taking your squeeze out be prepared for dessert perhaps twice that day. Once following your mains and once when you return to your Motel.

Cheers and Bon Appétit


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  1. Scott Collyer

    Great article. Laurieton is spelt this way thanks.

  2. Donna

    The towns name is Laurieton.. South of Port Macquarie

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