An invitation to dine at the Trump White house, and would you accept.

It has to be said.

My mother always would say to me when I was growing up, that you are judged by the company you keep.

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has enthusiastically accepted an invitation to a State Dinner at the White House to be hosted by Donald Trump. I guess it is all part of the package that comes with life as a politician, but I do seriously question why Morrison would be seemly so excited about doing this for surely they do not have a lot in common.

He claims to be a devout Christian and I accept this totally, yet he is to break bread with a person who is so not religious in any way. The way he speaks about people, and in that I include women, is just disgusting, and now he is accused of raping two women and molesting in one form or another about twenty more. He is known to tell lies every day and America seem to just go along with that and pass it off as just Trump being Trump.

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He supports world leaders that are known to murder their citizens, especially if they are buying American and that is just fine with him. He talks about the close relations he and his country have with many other countries, but I seriously question just how strong he is in that area. It would seem that is fine as long as it is on his terms, but if it was not, then he is the sort of person to tell them to sod off.

I really do have to ask the question, just how powerful America is these days? Yes they have the money, but that does not bring style or class and it would appear that is very much lacking in the Trump world.

So to the Australian Prime Minister, one really has to question why you are so gushing when it comes to Donald Trump, for surely all that you stand for is so different to him. Oh I get it, it is Politics. If that is the case I find it quite sad for it is the likes of Trump who makes me ashamed to be who I am. I would love to see a world leader who does not bow and scrape to this very unpleasant man.

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Am I expecting too much? Well I guess I am, but just perhaps the leader of some other country will have the courage to tell him to sod of if he comes a knocking on their door.

To Scott Morrison newly elected PM of Australia, which I might add is also my country, I say I am a tad disappointed that you are saying openly that Donald Trump is a good man and we have close ties. Sometimes things are not quite what they seem on the surface Mr Morrison.

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