Hello Readers,

Well, I know I’m going to ruffle a few feathers, but here we go with another royal wedding!  For many weeks to come we are going to be bombarded with stories and pictures of the daughter of a Duke and, well not  sure what to call the mother, but lets keep it nice and refer to her as, Sarah. Quite frankly I could not give a rat’s … I know there are some who love it, and Hello Magazine will make lots of dosh out of the bash but really do the majority of us care ? Now the couple in question who go by the names of Eugenie and Jack have being shacked up for years as I understand it, so what’s all the fuss about, I mean really ? Could you not just jump on a flight to Vegas and get hitched in an Elvis Chapel? And then when you get home, put up a marquee in the grounds of your parent’s home and have some of the family and friends around for a few bottles of fizz and  speeches? I guess not.

The guest list was also interesting, wasn’t it?  But then again, many would want to show up wearing their finest and have their photos taken time and time again,  with what they are wearing talked about by many,  and be able to claim they got to witness the big day from the inside. So good for the ego I gather, but really just how close they all are I seriously question. I would rather watch the movie Ghost to see Demi, if you get my drift.                                                       

BUT it was half a royal affair so most of the Windsor clan put in an appearance with the exception of that woman whose name starts with C. You remember her, she’s the one who for years had an affair with the future King of England while both were still married to other people . Yes, a real class act, but then again we are talking about the House of Windsor are we not?  There’s quite a history of shagging other people within the clan while married and it goes way back.

Seeing the bride’s parents sure brought back memories of topless toe sucking and accepting  money from strangers to arrange meetings with a former helicopter pilot. And let’s not forget taking money from tax payers while we are engaged by the Government to promote business for our country, with a lot of that time actually  spent on a golf course or in Florida with a friend called Geoffrey who served behind bars for rape, but lets not go there shall we Andy? Also, to have a convicted Libyan gun smuggler in attendance along with another sleaze that has the name of Harry. He is no prince but a former banker that made many a young woman feel disgusted to say the least.  It is amazing what putting on a morning suit can get you, well that is, as long as you are friends with the Father of the bride. May I ask are you still the Queens favourite son or have you slipped down the list some what randy. We surly do not hear of you as much these days, thank God.

Now for those who get a kick out of royal goings on, good for you, but surely in this day and age it is about time the powers that be within the family made some hard decisions to cut back on certain public events  that are quite frankly B/S.

The world is not in a great place at the moment and rubbing people’s noses in the pomp and pageantry of a royal bash not to mention the cost for tax payers while children are starving and living on the streets in far-flung countries is just not on as far as I am concerned. Oh yes I know it sells, but who’s paying the price I ask ?

I have much respect for Betty Windsor but when her time   
is up perhaps we should seriously look at a change in the way things are done, a real cut back dare I suggest.

I could go on but just may end up in the Tower of London so I will refrain from saying more.