I ran into a friend the other day in Toronto and he reminded me that we had not spoken for a long time. I was only too happy to inform him that I had given up calling his number becuase he never picked up. Oh he said I let all my calls go to voice mail and then I will return the call. Wow excuse me I said I did not realise that you were that important. As I recall he was a retired chef but now feels he needs to screen all his calls. So let me get this straight I said you will not answer your calls from any person and you want to call them back when it suits you. Now if I adopt that attitude and you then call me back and I do not answer then you will have to leave a message and I will get back to you when I feel like it this could go on for years back and forth. He did not like my tone. So he suggested I text him to let it him know it was me calling………..Excuse me but we have been friends for many many years and now he wants me to text him before I call. Needless to say we are no longer talking.

The other day I wanted to talk with one of my banks in the UK. I actually wanted to talk with the branch. Now I have had an account there for probably twenty years but NO they would not put me through to the branch. I have closed the account.

A good friend of mine wanted to buy a Harley in Alaska and he called several dealers there and they either did not answer or they said they would get back to him and never did. Now you can not tell me that in Alaska you sell a motor bike every day and here was a cash customer wanting to buy…….

I am sorry but I speak often about the need to give service still in this day and age.  It pays dividends ten fold but for some reason companies think that they can do away with people and I just think it is short sighted. It is not all about price. I talked recently at a hotel seminar about the Hilton I stayed at just south of Pittsburgh that answer all their own calls. They do not put you through to a call centre. I was planning to stay there  for a couple of nights and ended up staying for a couple of weeks. It is called SERVICE.

So to managers and owners of businesses train your staff to talk to your customers and show a genuine interest not just in the way a robot would do it but in a human way just as you would like to be spoken to and with.



PS  A big hello to a beautiful front office manager of that Hilton Hotel I spoke of.