British Airways, Your Product is Absolutely Crap!

On the odd occasion, when I am in Europe, I have to fly BA. Yes, that BA, British Airways and I have to tell you that what they have to offer these days is just terrible when it comes to service – or should I say lack of service!

I am staying overnight in a hotel room at Heathrow Airport after spending more than four hours sitting on a 787 (Flight 95) to Montreal  going nowhere. Oh yes, the crew did all that they could and the Captain came on several times to tell us that we would be underway shortly but alas, after several hours we went nowhere.

I was just thinking that it was just as well we are in the UK and not the US as I have seen just how some Americans react when they are treated the way passengers were on my fight.

Finally we are all taken off the plane and to a hotel where we are to spend the night. We have had nothing to eat for many hours and when I attempted to order just one drink at the hotel I am told that I will have to pay. Yes, that’s right, BA will not even foot the bill for one drink let alone something to eat.

I have had to change all my arrangements on the other side of the pond- an expensive chore- but will I be getting any compensation from the airline ?  Heck NO!

Ah, the joys of travelling with a second rate carrier. I might add that my comments are no reflection on the crew that were working BA 95 on the evening of Dec 17. They did the very best they could under the circumstances and a broken plane is a broken plane, and once in a while these things happen but, it was just the lack of support from the carrier that eats away at me.

Three months ago I had to cancel a flight with BA that had been paid for. Unfortunately I was unable to take it for reasons beyond my control and so British Airways sent me a confirmation of the cancellation and informed me that I would be refunded some money to my credit card. I have spoken to them many times. I have given them my cancellation number but do you think I can get any service or my refund? NO!  What does one do when dealing with a large company where customer service is non existent and you can’t talk to anyone except voice mail? I just shake my head in disbelief at the rubbish handed down to the traveling public who have to use this airline to get from A to B.

I have flown constantly for many years and I can assure you that not all airlines provide such crap service as does British Airways.  I’m sure as I write this post there will be plenty of company fat cats sitting at their desks in BA headquarters taking home their large salaries completely out of touch with their passengers’ needs.

As I spoke with several other passengers who were of the same opinion I find that they have been re-routed the following day via many and varied cities in the United States in an effort to get them to Montreal. Perhaps I am just plain ignorant but would it not have been just a tad easier to put on a flight the following day for a plane full of unhappy customers? Again…NO! Let’s continue the discomfort for all concerned.

Like I said, when I put a title to this article, British Airways your product is CRAP!   



Credit where Credit is due……Since posting this article I have received payments for both incidents. Thank you BA BUT………..Perhaps you will lift  your game and start delivering a better product for your paying customers…….

A question for BA…….By any chance are you charging for the bed bugs that apparently now come with some of your flights. I read where crew have actually refused to fly because of seeing these critters on an aircraft. I read where passengers have complained about this. After a seven hour flight with you I have found myself scratching my head time and time again. Now I do not know why as I consider myself a very clean person but I must confess that I find it just a tad ironic that after my flight I started scratching and I might add still am.  As I am about to sit on one of your planes to cross the pond I do hope that it is clean and actually gets off the ground.

Come on British Airways Please Lift Your Act and perhaps you will win back some of your passengers that have gone to middle eastern carriers.


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  1. ChinaTom

    Yes, a truly crap airline that falls behind the service of many China carriers. God, they don’t even offer a free glass of water or coffee on some EU flights. I just finished 4 internal flights in EU with Lufthansa, free coffee, juice and even a beer if you want it, plus a sandwich, cake, or chocolate bar.

    And by the way I have a lifetime gold card with BA, astonishing deterioration in their service standards.

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