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George Clooney, the actor, is advocating that people boycott hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei. This is  due to the Sultan’s ruling that residents of his country who commit adultery or are gay, be stoned to death. I could not agree with George more, and in fact I want to go a lot further. I suggest that not only the hotels be passed by (and that includes some very posh ones), but also the country’s airline Royal Brunei — and anything associated with the Sultan — be given the thumbs-down worldwide.

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By any chance, are there any world leaders out there prepared to buy their oil from someone else who does not treat their citizens this way? Let me guess.

As it is such an anti Muslim thing (adultery, that is), I wonder why so many men of that faith who come to Europe seek the services of working girls when in the UK.

For some years, I had a person who drove for a private car service come collect me from LHR. He would tell me that the very first request often asked by a Middle Eastern customer upon arriving in London, was to hook up with a woman in that line of work — and generally they preferred the younger ones. How lucky that they are in the UK and not Brunei. Or, if I was to be only a tad cynical, might I suggest that it is just good planning and on the list of things to do when out of their own country.

Now, I’m not passing judgment, but just bringing to light the total hypocritical lives of some of these people. One must ask the question: Has the Sultan ever had a sly-on-the-side quickie? Or is it the case that he does not have to due to his faith allowing one to have many wives at the same time? With all his money, I assume shelling out for the little blue pills is not a problem!

More to come on this subject. I want to give it some additional thought. Also it’s close to 6 o’clock where I am and time for a snifter. Cheers!

UPDATE: So I have left if for a few days and I see that there is growing momentum to follow some of my ideas when it comes to staying clear of Brunei. Perhaps apart from the hotels there is the Nation’s Airline Royal Brunei that should also be abandoned, both from a passenger’s point of view but also for a county’s position when it comes to allowing that carrier to land. Politicians must take a stand.

If I recall correctly, the Sultan’s brother was accused of stealing a lot of money ($15 Billion) from the country and he also was known to import lots of young women to his brother’s kingdom  as sex slaves. I do also recall that the brother named one of his yachts TITS. Yes you read that correctly.

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It’s no wonder that the word, hypocrisy, comes to mind when thinking of Brunei and that truly little man with the vast wealth from that tiny nation.

So, for all of you reading my blog and agreeing with me, please take a stand and avoid anything to do with Brunei. It is indeed a disgusting law that the Sultan has decreed in his country.