Button & Spoon – a Wexford, Ireland Treasure

Hello Readers.

Well, it has been quite some time since I have written about a dining establishment.  And, as I recall, I have never done anything on a lunch place, or, if I have, it has not been often.  But here goes…

I was strolling the streets of Wexford the other day with my Muse, and, as it was a little after midday and we were just a tad peckish, we were on the lookout for a place to dine.  When it comes to lunch, I really am pretty relaxed as to what I desire.  As we Aussies say, “Just a decent ‘Sanger’ will do me fine.”  But, as most of you blokes know when you are with Her indoors, you always want to find a place that is just a tad better than what you would and do accept.

As The Better Half is an expert on research when it comes to finding the best places to eat (and for that matter stay), I leave the suggestions totally up to her – and, in this case once again, she came up with the goods.

We had just spent the last few days staying in what was the most beautiful village and hotel on the East Coast countryside, so the bar was set pretty high for the rest of the trip.  For a transitioning experience before heading back to Dublin, we decided to spend the day in and around the city of Wexford.

The lunch establishment was called Button & Spoon, and, although it was close to 2 pm, the place was packed.  Now, those who know me know I am not a fan of queues or waiting for service of any kind, but… having received a warm and welcoming greeting from the owner, we waited and it was not long at all before a table was found for us.

You know how there are times when you enter an establishment and it just feels right?  Well, this was the case here.  The place was very much a family run dining experience with not only a husband and wife, but also a delightful daughter working the floor.

The atmosphere was like taking a step back in time and visiting my Nana’s place, as it was a tearoom full of beautifully displayed tea artifacts on all the walls.  They were so delightful to look at, you actually DO find yourself going back in time and remembering visiting one’s grandmother for afternoon tea – nostalgia at its best.

When it came to the actual food it was just delicious.  Well, you may ask, “How can a sandwich be that good?” but it was, and so was the gal’s soup and everything else that we had.  The whole time we were there the place was busy, and the atmosphere buzzing with everyone getting the same attention and great service.  I was that impressed, so much so, that we did not leave without me spending more money on an add-on (or treat if you must know), and there was plenty of chocolate to coffee just to mention a couple.  I am always interested how businesses can upsell and that was the case well and truly here.

Now I know that my readers are from all over the world, and that most of you will probably never visit Wexford, Ireland, BUT, if you do and it is around lunchtime and you are feeling a little peckish, look for Button & Spoon.  And if you do not like it, send me the bill and I will pick up the tab for you.  If, on the other hand, you do enjoy, tell the owners that the old bloke – who recently visited and was from Down Under accompanied by the beautiful, stylish, younger American woman – said hello.

Stewart (and Squeeze)

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  1. Louise Cole

    Nuala, the owner, is a lady I admire so much. We used to work together in a “big corporate” as expats in South Africa. As we are friends on Facebook I’ve watched her Button and Spoon adventure from the start. Its not been easy with bumps along the way but she and her family have worked hard to get the busy to where it is in Wexford and her dedication, perseverance, style and the downright delicious looking food and offerings are inspirational.

    I’m ashamed to say that even though I only live in London I haven’t been to Button and Spoon as yet but its always at the edges of my mind to hop on a plane and go and visit Nuala, Button and Spoon and her family.

  2. Thank you so, so much for your lovely review. You entertained us evey bit as much as we did you! It was a huge pleasure to serve you both and we will be sure to keep track of your writings from now on.

    We do hope you get to return some day soon. Your Club Sanger is waiting!

    Take care till then.
    Nigel, Nuala, Tara & all the gang of Button & Spoon

  3. Yvonne Hamilton-Tarleton

    I agree 100%..I live in Wexford and over recent past times difficult..Button and Spoon is my remaining treat and I will not relinquish! The empathy, kindness shown to me is indescribable. Next time try out the fluffy scrambled eggs and white savoury pudding..and the piece de resistance! Earl Grey Gateaux! I hate music forced upon us in dining..but adore the yesteryear of George Formby, Vera Lynn. So glad you enjoyed your visit..so glad..and thank you for such a wonderful review..no one deserves more than Button and Spoon Wexford.

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