I had a call the other day to ask my opinion on purchasing from the internet.
Personally I do not use the internet to buy anything. It is not for me but that is my choice just as it is the choice of those who do want to use that form of buying.
I do have a very open mind but what ever my view the fact remains it is here to stay so those retailers that do not like it they better get a life as it is here it stay
I travel a lot but I still want to use an agent who knows me and takes care of everything for me.
Today people send greeting cards via the internet……Wow how impersonal is that. People meet on the internet. They go on to get married after meeting online. Lots of people now have sex via the internet…..Gee I guess that takes the worry out of getting pregnant and all the other nasty things that come with hooking up with a stranger.
It is here to stay. Personally I still prefer the old fashion way.
I do not use Twitter and I am not on face book for all sorts of reasons.
My choice.
On another topic but still on the subject of buying and selling.
I purchased a grill a couple of months ago for about $120. I bought it from a well know store and it is made by a well know company and all told I am happy.
It was broght to my attention the other day a very similar product but with a house brand can be bought for less that half what I paid.
Yes you guessed it ” Made in China ”
It got me thinking that at sometime all this cheap stuff that is bought purely on price may well come back to hurt down the road.
Why? Well even in this day and age where a lot of people buy purely to price you still only get what you pay for in my opinion.
Just some food for thought for my readers.