I Refuse to Write on Donald Trump anymore…Been there and done that……BUT


It’s being touted that Donald Trump should be nominated for The Noble Peace Prize. OMG!

Really? What next?

Oh, I know! The Catholic Church should put Hitler’s name up for a Sainthood.

Do not get me started…



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  1. Trump Foreva

    If you get your nose out from within the sand you will see POTUS is doing a great job.
    He is freeing the world of all the scum who run it.
    Open your eyes and look into it for your own sake.
    Search cabal, charlie freek, adrenochrome, tunnels in USA or Australia. And you will really see what is happening.

    Or are you blind on purpose. You know this virus and lock downs are hiding what is truely happening in the world. POTUS WILL get back.
    2nd Lockdown is happening on the 17th of September in USA. Why? So many arrests will be happening and POTUS wants to make it easy without members of public around.

    Post this and add your reply if you have nothing to hide.

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