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I have for some years followed the Epstein business as I was in the US when first he was locked up…..well if you could call it that. A man is convicted of Rape and can cut a deal to do very little time and most of it not behind bars. WOW

Anyhow this is only part of my article, for over the past few weeks the world has and continues to hear about Jeff Epstein and what he was up to and with whom. In this case we are talking about Prince Andrew and the accusations that have been levelled against him which I personally find quite abhorrent.

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So a woman. a mother of three claims that when she was seventeen she had sex with Randy Andy on three occasions in three different locations. Of course after some time he has written a denial and said that sort of thing just disgusts him totally. Well of course he is going to say that and deny all that is said about him. I might add, that his denial was I would think written by someone paid to do just that. If it is true that he is innocent and I seriously doubt it, I question just how he can say what he did and then jump on a private plane and head out of town and away from the media.

As I am in the same age bracket as him, if it was me that was accused of something as serious as that by a young women, I would want to confront her face to face and talk it through and deny…..That is if I was not guilty of what she says as I know the truth. What have I got to lose and let the people see how sincere I am. Not our Andrew, for he is off to another country for a holiday.

Remember that old saying “You are judged by the company you keep” and America knew about Epstein and had for some time. I knew. I read papers. Yes Andrew continued to keep company with the man and even stayed at his places and had him come visit in the UK. So he is happy to keep company with a man who has done time for rape and only now says it was lack of judgement. To that I say rubbish. He was fully aware of what was going on and in fact was part of it. I am now reading that Geff Epstein along with Ghislaine Maxwell and that other sleaze Harvey Weinstein attended your daughter’s eighteenth birthday and you claim not to have know him very well. Really Randy do you seriously expect the general public to believe you ?

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The young woman who has made the allegations against you, from what I can tell, has nothing to gain. In fact if anything it is to her detriment. Meanwhile you get on with your life living off what? Oh yes we know. Well, except for any extra your former wife can get her hands on by selling meetings with you. Rest assured you are not respected, and you did hit on that seventeen year old who goes by the name of Virginia.

No Andrew, you were in the Jeff Epstein business up to your eyeballs and I would need a lot more convincing that was not the case.

Just disgusting.



PS This story is NOT going to go away.

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  1. Heidi

    So glad you followed me … hope ALL the names linked to him come out …

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