Jon Huntsman – GOP hopeful for the Oval Office

I have spent the last month watching the goings on of those who think they have what it takes to lead the United States after the next election, and I have come to the conclusion that there is only one person out of those who have their hats in the ring at the moment who has what it takes to take on the current President and give him a run for his money and that is Jon Huntsman.


Now I am not an American as lots of my readers know and I have no axe to grind when it comes to the game of Politics in the US and yes I said game or as I have said before reality show. Basically what I have witnessed up to now is a lot of trash from most of those who think they are the chosen one. I have seen that Cain fellow fall on his sword but that was only a matter of time for he was a complete fool and had NO chance at all.

I have listened to I think, three say that they have been called by God, oh really? Long distance then. I hope God was paying for the call. I have heard mistake after mistake and I have witnessed the candidates slagging each other off like there is no tomorrow. Mitt Romney who I feel has a little style is now dropping his standards by tacky comments. Now the latest to catch my attention is that some, if not all, are going to sign a pledge that they will be faithful to their partners. Is that really necessary? I guess it is just as well they are not French or Italian. Is it not more important to have the right person for the job?

Then just the other day I listened while Newt described his wife as a cross between Nancy Regan, Jackie O and with a touch of Laura Bush thrown in. Excuse me but is this not the same woman who some years ago was shagging the former speaker while he was married to his second wife? I am pretty sure I could have a shilling or two on the fact that none of those other women ever bonked a married man. Oh, how we like to forget or just sweep the grubby stuff under the carpet. Mind you it could be just a touch worse. That Rhodes scholar Sarah Palin could be running also. Oh and let’s not forget the Donald. What a joke he is but I will save my views on him for another day.

So I have been taking an interest in Jon Huntsman. For a start, he really seems to know what he is talking about. In addition, he has what appears to be some style and he tends to stay on course. Not just saying what comes into his head to please whoever is listening. Now someone made a crack to me about him being a Mormon but there was a time when that crack was made about a Catholic in the white house and never a black man would set foot in the oval office not to mention a woman heaven forbid, but times change and so what if he is a Mormon. I do not know a lot about the faith but I am sure there are many many good Mormons just like there are good and bad everywhere. Is it not more about the job he can do? He seems to be a good man and from where I sit and observe he is the only one who can take the fight to the current President. Now I am not going to say he will win but he is by far the best that the Republicans have at this current time.

So Good Luck to you Mr Huntsman and I hope you get the call.



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