Jonny Depp and his wife Amanda HeardFor months now we have had to listen to and read stories about the goings on of actor Johnny Depp and his girlfriend in regards to them smuggling their two dogs into Australia.  I, like so many, am well and truly  over this tale but just when I think I have heard the last of this rubbish, Mr Depp pops up on late night TV in America dumping on the Australian Government Minister responsible for the deportation of their dogs Pistol and Boo.

Now, just let me say this. I have visited the United States dozens and dozens of times. I have traveled to every state many times and spoken all over the country and the one thing I do know is that if I arrive at Immigration Control in the US and my paperwork is not done I am in trouble. If it is something minor I am sent to the back of the line to correct what is wrong, but if it was a major thing I can be so very easily put on the next flight back to my country of origin. At the end of the day I am visiting a foreign country and I have to observe and adhere to the laws of that county and I fully accept that.  Some however believe that their celebrity status makes void of all that and they’re free  do whatever they like. And then have the gaul to insult the country they are a guest in!johnny-depp-amber-heard-splash

Mr Depp, you may very well be a celebrity and used to people falling at your feet but if you are not interested in abiding by the laws of Australia – just like Australians have to abide by the laws of your country when visiting – then perhaps you should find another country to fly to with your girlfriend and dogs. Learn to respect the country you’re visiting and not dump on the people involved.

Mr Depp went on to tell the late night host about the many dangerous animals in Australia and questioned the fuss around two little dogs. After all if you are going to have a threat from an animal surely it will be from one of the venomous lot found in Australia he suggested. Perhaps someone should point out to Mr Depp that the number of people who lose their life in Australia due to  this is much less than those who lose their life in America due to guns, guns and more guns.

So Johnny perhaps with no hard feelings you and your current wife should sod off … go find another country to make your movies in and take your selfies with adoring fans.



Update… So the Hollywood A list couple were back in Australia for their day in court. A guilty plea and a slap on the wrist and a tape for the world to see where they admit to doing the wrong thing. Now if this couple are the great actors I’m told they are, I sure as heck  wouldn’t be spending my $20 to watch them based on that tape. So apparently there were mistakes made all the way down the line by minions who are paid to do everything for them and I mean everything. Boy, how the other half lives! Anyone putting the toothpaste on the brush for you Ms Heard? Lets hope you guys remain tight, for if he gets bored in a year or two and decides to dump you for the next pretty actress to cross his path, you may well be back to packing your own bags and filling out your own paperwork for customs. In the mean time thank God we are rid of two actors who came to our country and thought they were above the law.

Update…I have just received news that Mr Depp and Ms Heard have parted company…again. Well what is going to happen to Pistol and Boo I have to ask? After all they were the children you never had were they not? Were they in the Pre Nup Johnny or an after thought.  Surely they must be important to you for you have been able to use them in your criticism of Australia and its policies for months now. So let me guess….will there be a protracted court battle over the the two pooches or will they be discarded. You tell me.

Another Update…. Well Johnny what a piece of trash you are turning out to be. The world has now got to see the abuse you have dished out. No woman should be subjected to what you have done both physically and verbally. You can go on all the talk shows you like dishing the dirt on Australia and their laws but when it comes to resorting to beating up on a your woman the world does not care one bit for your celebrity. Trash is Trash no matter what.