It has been five years since the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 with the loss of just under three hundred lives. Finally a conclusion has been made after extensive investigations by several countries and it is now quite clear with the evidence at hand that Russia was involved.

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Now you would of course expect Vladimir Putin to deny any involvement as is the case with him no matter what, but when the Malaysian Prime Minister also comes out questioning the validity of the report I just shake my head. Sir, you had many citizens on that flight and still you are saying that. Obviously you did not lose anyone on MH17 and obviously you are looking to stay in the good books of Mr Putin.

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Dr Mahathir you claim Russia has been make a scapegoat in the downing of the plane, but sir I must ask on what do you base your evidence? Investigators have taken five years to come to this conclusion. Were you even in power when this happened ?

So where do we go from here.

Well for a start I personally feel that those of us who can, should take a stand and that could include a number of things like not using the carrier Malaysian Airlines and/or not visiting the country. We have to get the message through that we will not let this atrocious happening just fade away. For those who can, please speak out and if you can make a statement in the smallest way please do. Avoid buying anything from Malaysia.

The Netherlands and Australia and Canada, not to mention Malaysia, need support in bringing four men to justice who it would appear were involved in bring down this commercial flight.

To the 298 people who lost their lives on the flight and to their families I personally feel for you as do, I am sure, my readers.

#MH17 #BoycottMalaysia #MakeaStand #RIPMH17

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