Mitt Romney’s Hair

omgOh my God what Next?  On the front page of today’s NY Times is an article on just who styles Mitt Romney’s hair. Now this is not on a back page or even a page about fashion or about politics. It is the front page.

Now for anyone who has been living under a rock for the last year, our Mitt is running for the Republican nomination for the job of President. So he along with a bunch of very unremarkable people have put their hands up and all contend while slagging each other off that they can do a much better job that the current President. A President that had to take over from one of the worst that the US has ever seen.

Oh how quick we are to forget that he and his gang left  the country broke and at war on two fronts and they wonder why they can not feed their people. The only thing good I can find to say it that he has gone away and does not stick his nose into things like his VP who still likes to have his say.

Now it is a year out from the election, but from where I sit the very best asset that the current President has is the rabble that is on the other side and no matter which one gets the nod to run I do not like their chances, even if unemployment is stuck around nine percent.

So lets not get onto what they know about foreign policy because you could put it on the back of a stamp with the exception of one of them. One even suggested that the economy would start to pick up from the night he was elected President, Good one Newt. Just get that magic stick out and wave it.

Then we have one who can not remember any one of the four women he is said to have hit on earlier in his career. Not one. Gee would you want a President with such a bad memory? He may forget to do his zip up one day before a photo shoot and then what?

Gee  we must not forget to mention the one who can not remember what departments he wants to get rid of. Not the sharpest knife in the draw that one.  Heaven forbid stop me before I really get going.

Now getting back to what I  started to write about and that was Mitt’s hair I must confess that I have just as much as him, and I am older, and not an ounce of dye to be found but I can not find anything about me on the front page of the paper. Opps I forgot, I am not running for office. Thank god for that as I still like to be able to look myself in the mirror from time to time even though what I see is not so pretty these days.   lol



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