I had a stranger send me a photo of herself the other day and she was wearing a hat. Now this does happen quite often, that people write me, but not all that often do they send a picture. It was because of the hat that I replied and it got me thinking just how an apparel item can get you closer to knowing things about a person. This turned out to be the case.

I can remember some years back when I used to entertain quite often at home, I would ask my guests to go select a hat from my rack that they considered best represented their personality. I had quite a large collection and in fact still do. Of course this was after they had consumed more than one or two glasses of Vin Rouge or whatever was their fancy.

So if you are asking what is the point of the story it is this. When dealing with people it is interesting just how much you can get to know about them by their attire. If you read them well, that can open all sorts of doors and I have often talked about that at sales conferences. I love to stand on stage in front of an audience and read those in attendance, and a lot of that has to do with appearance and attire.

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If you are talking with someone in the service industry like a hotel or restaurant manager/owner, if they are good at their jobs they have learnt to sum up a stranger very quickly on first appearance. Those working in the airline industry or in fact those working in a reception situation can also become good at it. The funny thing is that elected officials who should be able to do that, can be and most often are, hopeless.

Anyhow, the story is all due to a picture I saw of a stranger who was wearing a hat. Think about it and ask yourself if you agree or you think I am a nutter.

I will look forward to your views and if we happen to be on the same page, I will take my hat off to you.

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