Not My Husband….Not My Son

I have lost count of the number of times I have heard that when someone is arrested for a serious crime and the persons immediate family or loved one is in complete denial and refuses to accept it.

Then there are the cases where a person is actually found guilty and still partners and family members refuse to concede to their guilt.

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And then there are the cases where the accused finally pleads guilty and the family are still looking for a reason just why the crime was committed and are looking to in some way justify or at least make an excuse as to why the family member actually killed or raped etc ………

So often a husband or wife is accused of a horrendous crime and the other half or partner refuses to accept it, even it the evidence is painfully obvious. Are they so blinkered or are they to some degree thinking of themselves and just what an affect it may have on their lives personally?

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Give me a break! Since the beginning of time there are people who will do harm to others. If that happened to be a member of your family or a person you know, please, just have the fortitude to accept the fact and not go into denial and shut down.

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  1. Phoebe and Phoebe

    We are both named Phoebe. This means our path to love has been littered with disbelief, laughter and confusion. It was hard enough coming out in a lesbian relationship in our late, but a relationship between two people with the same name? People say, “You’re joking, right?” But it’s no joke that when we moved the fridge during our kitchen renovation, she saw my rainbow writing on the wall, asking her to marry me. And it’s no joke that she said yes. And I’m not joking when I say that my life is very nearly perfect now. —

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