Over Used Words and Sayings

I keep getting asked about my writing style and just what am I trying to acheive. In a word NOTHING.

I just started this blog to put my thoughts down for anyone interested to see. Why? Well I get asked all the time  my views on many different things and I guess that is because I travel a lot and speak to thousands of people every year in lots of companies in many countries.

I started thinking about words that are in my opinion are over used and in many cases theyhave really lost their meaning. I get a lot of people telling me they have class or they are classy. I must admit it is usually women. Some also ask me if I think they have class. Gee who am I to judge but let me just say that in my opinion there are not a lot of people with true class. This has nothing to do with money or power or for that matter a title. A person either has class or not…simple as that.

Then there is the word style. I get asked if I think someone is stylish. Well that is a bit more easy to judge I think but there are those who have it and those who learn how to aquire it but I do think you have to have a feel and taste for it. I have know many people who have started life with very little style and learnt how to create it. All the more power to them I say.

Then there is the saying I love you.mmmmm Gee I have always thought that was a pretty heavy statement to make. I mean to tell someone you love them and mean it comes with a lot of responsibilty in my view. The term love you is used a lot these days in certain countries but not something I can say unless it is the real thing. I would much prefer to say I like you but that is just me.

How about the saying ” I will get back to you” and they never do. Well of course that is just a way for most people to move on. Bit like ” I will call you” or ” Lets do lunch”  Yeah right like you want  to do lunch with me and we both know you really do not even like me.

And then comes a word that I just can not stand. BUT..Yes that it right. The word but when it is used in the context of Gee I really love your product and would like to buy it but….and the excuse is on the way and can be many and varied but a common one is I need to think about it  or I need to talk to my husband or wife as the case may be.

So what do you think? Is it just me or do I have a point?

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    Perfect tips! I have been looking for everything such as this for a while finally. Regards!

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