Hello Readers and Sensible People,

As I write this article I am at my place in Canada, and so I get a lot of news from Uncle Sam just a stone’s throw away south of me. In fact, I can get bombarded with American news if I allow myself to be drawn into what is an endless cycle of politics US style.  I  confess, there are times I reach to turn off the TV but an hour later I’m still watching, is that addiction by any chance?

So the latest story for the world to digest is the Oprah Winfrey one, will she or won’t she run in 2020 for the presidency? American people, I ask you, three years out from an election, do you have nothing better to do than go over and over this question? For many apparently, it appears the answer is no. Of course, one reason that it is perhaps on many peoples minds is that currently in the White House resides a complete nutter. However, as you have told the universe and beyond  for many years, you are the world’s greatest democracy and it was you as a nation that elected him and nothing short of impeachment will have this insecure liar  (who wants the world to know that he has a bigger button than Kim’s and is itching to push it or so he says) removed from office!

So back to Ms Winfrey and what, at the end of the day, she may or may not do.

I have been around politics for many years and I have come across so many people that think they can and will run for office and make such a difference to the city or country or the world where they hail from. I actually liken it to a chef who works for a very successful restaurateur and thinks that he can go and start his own business and be just as successful because after all, he is the one doing all the work. Easier said than done, and so may fail. Running a business is very different to working for someone, and it’s the same when it comes to going into public life. I have seen many very successful business people think they can run for office and fail. Just look at the rabble in DC at the moment. Image result for business chaos

So back to Ms W and will she or won’t she? Personally I do not think she will for many reasons, and she has yet to take in all that is happening. I am sure she is constantly bombarded with folks of her tribe pushing and pushing for her to seriously consider running and it is so very easy to get carried away with all the BS, but if she’s as smart as she’s portrayed, could she really be dumb enough to expose herself to all the scrutiny that goes hand in glove with standing for president. I really don’t know much about Oprah Winfrey, and quite frankly I’m not in the least bit interested, but I’m sure there will be some skeletons to be found. I, along with millions, watched her speech at the Golden Globes -delivered by a professional- but…

Also she talked with so much passion about the plight of abused women and for that I say BRAVO, but just perhaps it has slipped her mind as to just how close she was to a certain Harvey Weinstein and for sure there will be many stories and pictures of them together, and won’t her opposition have a field day with that. It will get very grubby long before folks get to vote so Madame do you really want to make your squeaky clean, generous image get dragged through the grubby gutter all in the name of becoming president?

Think carefully. But this is America and just look at what trash they have in the White House these days, and I am mainly referring to you know who. I am sure there are some absolutely wonderful people working in different areas of government who are so diligent and frustrated by what they have to deal with on a daily basis. To them, I take my hat off.

Hang in there for I assure you he will not go the distance.



PS And for those who do not have a sense of humour I can assure you the furthest thing from my mind would be a Kardashian type person running for office. Hang on, we already had that and he won. America, perhaps it’s time to think about changing your voting system.