“I have NO recollection of meeting this lady”…. This was said by Andrew when asked if he slept with Virginia Roberts.

What a load of bollocks I say. There is a photo of him with his arm around her when she was seventeen years old. I have heard the photo is fake and that is not him. What a load of crap, but by all means you can say what you like. As to whether the general public believes you or not Andy is another thing and I am not so sure they do.

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For a number of years you continued a friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, staying in his homes and spending time with him. He also came and stayed with you in the UK, but to start with, you claimed you only got to see him on occasions. Rubbish. That was not the case but you continue to push your denials and quite frankly that is all bullshit. Now you are conceding that you did see him and it was a mistake. You say you let the side down. May I suggest that you let more than the side down. You see Andrew, not only did you let your family down, you also let down many fathers of daughters like yours. The young woman you had sex with when she was seventeen was someone’s daughter but that was of NO concern when you were getting your jollies with a young woman.

I have watched Virginia Roberts interviewed several times and as I understand it she has nothing to gain by making these claims. To me she comes across totally straight and telling the truth. She as a young woman was part of a team of girls supplied by Epstein to prominent men for sexual gratification. You were one of those grubby individuals who was happy to get your rocks off shagging young girls. To claim you have no recollection of even meeting the young girl is a lie, pure and simple. What more can you do but deny. You had many different phone numbers for Jeffrey. Why would that be if you hardly knew him as you originally said?

You can give all the candid interviews you like Andrew Windsor and come across as genuine as is possible. At the end of the day you were having sex with an underage girl pure and simple. Stop with the lying, for the general public can see right through it.

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I need to collect my thoughts and I will be back with more to say about this disgusting member of the British Royal Family

So it is Christmas and there is a photo of Andrew arriving at an early church service with his elder brother Charles. So what does this really tell us? Church going Royals. Bollocks. All show. You can not tell me that Andrew is God fearing in any way shape or form. I do not think Shagging 17 year old girls is the sort of thing God would approve of.

And as for his elder brother his track record is not all that great either. At least the woman he was shagging when he was married to the mother of his children was an OLD girl. It does not seem all that long ago that he was heard on the phone saying just how he would like to be inserted into her V. Yes one hell of a class act some of these so called Royals.

Randy Andy should slink off quietly and stay out of the public eye for quite some time. We the public are so over him and his grubby behavior.



PS It never ceases to amaze me just how blinkered parents and especially mothers can be when it comes to here children and in particular their son’s.

I have just read where Betty Windsor or for those who are Royal Followers the Queen refuses to accept that Andrew is guilty of anything with the exception of bad judgement. Madame would you have that attitude if it was your seventeen year old daughter who was getting shagged by a forty plus man? I think NOT. Open your eyes. Your son was having sex with an underage girl and that is a FACT. YOU Betty can put the blinkers on for the rest of the time you have left on this earth but it will never take away from the fact that your son is guilty as charged.

So now we have the case where Randy Andy could get served with papers from the United States and what does he do. Heads to Scotland to join Mummy and hide from those looking to serve him. Any chance that is just another sign that he is very much guilty of what the young lady is accusing him of. What a creep and all round Pratt.

It never ceases to amaze me and I have written about it in past of cases where a crime is committed and if there is a mother involved she refuses to accept that her child be it a son or daughter could in anyway be responsible for doing something that is illegal. Well here is another example of that happening and this time it is with the British Monarch. Not only is Betty protection her boy who I might add is 61 years old she is by all accounts picking up the tab for his legal fees. I am sorry Your Majesty but your son committed a crime and he should be held to account. He sexually abused an underage girl and that is a fact. Will anything at the end of the day get done. Lets not hold our breath.

It is February 16 and Andrew Windsor has decided to settle with a very large amount of money rather that go to court after he said that he wanted to do that and clear his name. What has changed? Any chance there has been much pressure from members of his family to cough up the cash and hopefully with time it will all go away and the House of Windsor can move on. If someone is innocent why would any self respecting offer money and a large amount at that to settle? Sorry Andrew but that is just more confirmation of your guilt.

The man needs to be totally removed from the British Royal family in every way and that includes the title ” Prince ” He should also be told to sod off from where he now lives and find his own digs at his expense. As for his former wife that continues to support him we the people have NO respect but then again as we know Sarah’s track record is not all that squeaky clean either. No wonder they still hang out.

I guess if I was to have any sympathy it would be for their two daughters of which we hear very little and rightfully so. For them this must have been and continue to be one hell of an ordeal.