A funny thing happened on the way up the Coast.

It was Monday and the sun was shining. For me that was on two counts, for my Muse was visiting from Washington DC and it was a lovely day, and I was not in the mood for too much time in the office.

We jumped in the Old Girl and proceeded to head out of town. I was not fixed on where I wanted to go, but someplace by the sea would be peachy. We looked at a couple of places, but kept going until we were beside the sea in a village called Scarborough. Having parked and set off on foot to find some casual dining establishment, we happened upon a group of around twenty young people in their 70s, give or take, who were sitting at a long table singing and each playing a Ukulele. OMG, it was just a real treat to sit there with my Muse and listen to all they had to offer in the way of singing and playing.

I was captivated as their choices of songs took me way back. I could not contain myself, so I had to get up from my chair and go over and say something while they were taking a short break. Oh how delightfully received I was.

I guess the essence of my story is that last week, while in New Zealand on a speaking engagement, I had a fall. It is the first time I have ever had that happen, and as I lay there on the ground I started to tell myself I was getting old and had to be careful. Living a life that is solo and always on the road has its drawbacks. Yes, we are all going to face that sooner or later and here I was stumbling again, but this time it was in coming across this group of people all doing their thing with a Ukulele.

It got me thinking how getting older is not all that bad, and in some cases it can be a whole lot of fun. You can do things that put a smile on your face and you can do them at your own pace. That ain’t all bad.

So, to the gang of player/singers who brought a little added sunshine to my eyes and ears, I say, “Jolly Good Show and a big thank you.”

It was a real treat for me and my Muse.