Francis – yes, you, the Pope.

I remember when you got the nod for the top job in Rome and said you were going to clean up the mess you inherited. Oh, really? From what I can see – and to many people around the world who are so appalled at what goes on with your church and, in particular, the priests who belong – it is disgusting.

You have just had a meeting (or whatever) in Rome where you and other clergy gathered to discuss the abuse that has gone on. And what will come out of all that? Very little, if anything, and the abuse will continue. Oh, yes, it may go quiet for a while. But, if you think for one minute that certain priests are going to stop abusing young boys, and young women in some cases, you are fooling yourself and trying to fool the general public as well.

For God’s sake man, you have just had a Cardinal in the Vatican for several years who goes by the name Pell. He covered up abuse while he was a Bishop in Melbourne, Australia, and is known to have taken pleasure in getting his kit off in front of young boys at a swimming pool. And, yet, you were happy to have him come look after the books for you. Why? Well, it was getting too hot for him in his own country and so he was brought to Rome. I am sorry, Francis, but you were happy to do that and have him under your roof – all while knowing his history?

You assert the word of God and role of authority; nevertheless, you are prepared to turn a blind eye to the criminal behavior of priests from all around the world. It is disgusting and abhorrent, and it is no wonder so many people have left the Catholic Church.

The events that you have presided over in Rome, Francis, are a joke. They are shambolic and totally irrelevant – and, from what I can see, a beat-up event for the media. For as I write this, the abuse continues in far-flung places, and the people carrying it out wear a white collar and call themselves Christians.

It is about time the police are involved and those who are committing the abuse are brought to justice, held accountable, and sent to jail. Let them see what it’s like to be abused, for, when they are behind bars, they may need to constantly look over their shoulders.

Pope Francis, stop trying to have a foot in both camps. Time is up! Take a strong stand and do something about your church and its abuse of young people.

– Stewart

P.S. George Pell was sentenced to 6 years in prison, but is expected to appeal the conviction later this year. Well, it’s a start.