Hello readers and greetings from France.

When I am here I tend not to get too involved in writing and do not watch much TV at all but the other night, as I was flicking through the channels, I came across an interview with Greg Norman the golfer. Now I do not know the man and, quite frankly, I have no interest in ever meeting him but I must confess in the early days of his career I, like many, became a fan and followed his success and life for quite a while.

What has compelled me to write this post was what he was saying in this interview, for it’s my understanding that he is a friend and fan of The Donald. Yes the fool that is the President of the United States, the person who has so divided the United States and for that matter the world. No. Let me correct myself here, he has not really divided the world for most of the rest of the world can not stand him. Yes, there are the exceptions but they are few and far between. Anyhow, Mr Norman was singing Mr Trump’s praises and saying just what a great President he was and getting better by the day. Why? Well, he was creating jobs and getting the American economy moving and in general, he was doing positive things. OMG!  If I hear that said one more time I will just scream. Yes, the American economy is on a roll right now but, hey that was because of what the last President put into place. He came to office eight years previously and was faced with an economy that was a basket case left by that nice, but not so bright, George W.

Mr Norman or Greg if I may be sold bold, is obviously very successful not only at Golf but also in business. In the interview, he was talking about the fact that the President was also a great success in business, and that was one of the reasons he was making things terrific in the United States. I wonder if you were to tell that to the tradesmen who did work for the companies that he put into chapter 11 and didn’t get paid. I wonder if you told that to the many, many people in Scotland who were sucked in by his BS and now can’t stand the sight of him. (Just ask a chap with the last name of Salmon) I wonder if you tell that to a certain German Bank who had to bail him out BIG TIME when he was on the verge of going under a few years ago. So I do confess that I have a problem with what is fact and what is spin or as Trump likes to say ” Fake News”. Then there is the President’s personal life and perhaps here Greg you have some things in common after all. There are six wives between you and plenty of affairs along the way or is that a tad too harsh? Perhaps some of the former partners may have a view on that or even the husbands of the former partners. Nothing too classy about shagging your close friend’s wife Mr Norman. Any chance you remember the name Mill?

But getting back on track,  just because a politician is or has been a success in business does not necessarily make him a good public servant heading a government. I have seen far more fail than not over the years. I liken it to a Head Chef in a busy restaurant who thinks that he can go open his own place and be just as successful but too often he fails.

So to the now resident of Florida, a former resident of Brisbane Australia and before that Mount Isa, I suggest you stick to what you do best and that is designing golf courses and flying around in your private plane. Judging how you looked in the interview perhaps you are not spending money on little blue pills like that old chap with the comb-over who apparently still does.

I am sure that there will still be plenty of golf games to be had in Florida between the Great White Shark and The Donald with lots of back slapping, storytelling and false scorecards signed with the name Trump on them.



Update June 27 2018

I have just got to see some published photos of Greg Norman naked that have appeared in my and many other newspapers. OMG Mr Norman. Are you serious or is it just really about ego and the need to appear in the news even if it is in the form of showing your body. Trust me, Sir, You are not pretty. At 63 nobody is even remotely attractive with their kit off. So what are we dealing with here for I am sure it is not for the money. Nope not one bit so back we go to that word ” EGO ”

There is no fool like an old fool Mr Norman.