I am in LA for  Thanksgiving week. Now I must admit that there are many cities in the US I much prefer but I have a  very good friend who lives here and I so wanted to catch up with him. He had already made plans for the day of eating and more eating to work for a shelter that feeds homeless people as his family were out of town for the week so rather than just sit in my hotel for the day I asked him if I could be of help and join him at the shelter. I was most welcome and so I went to work for the day in downtown Los Angles helping to feed over seven hundered peeople many of whom live on the streets. Working beside me was a woman the same age as me who is a nurse and her daughter a dancer. It was the high light of my week working with these two beautiful women….mother and daughter who had given up their day to do something for others.

Not only were many people given a meal but there were free haircuts for those who wanted them and there was lots of food to be taken home. After lunch lots of people were leaving with bags full of goodies. When the event was over at around 4pm my friend and I went to a place to have our own Thanksgiving lunch but by this time I really had seen enough of food for one day and was happy to go home to my beautiful hotel suite and think about what a day I had just had and just how lucky I am. About 8pm I decided to walk into the village where I stay and just look for a snack and while I was on foot I was stopped by a young woman in her early twenties carrying a baby and asking for money to buy food for her baby. The night was very cold and here she was on the streets begging and once again it brought home to me just how lucky I am.

The middle ground in this country the United States seems to me to be getting less and less. There are those who have so much wealth and then there are the masses who have little or nothing at all.

Meanwhile the powers to be can not agree on anything. Nothing at all. I would hear when I was growing up about America and the American dream. I guess there are those who still beleive in it but from where I observe I have to tell you it is a thing of the past pretty much and that that high standard of living which is avaible to all those who work for it is not out there these days like it used to be and what we now have is an illusion that has been founded on credit and paying of debt and when you can not make you payements then you can so easily end up on the street. It all seems pretty brutal to me coming from a country that is so generous.

How can this country look itself in the mirror when it can put its hard working citizens on the street left with little or no confidence. Sad to say but I do not see any real light at the end of the tunnel but the top end of town and those elected officials will continue to take and take.

I am forever reading where people and states and the Tea Party and those at Fox Media and many others keep saying Washington is broken. Is that the case or is it that America is broken and will remain so until the country as a whole comes together and does something about it. I always say you can not fight a war on two fronts. Generals loose battles and wars by trying to do just that and you people of the US  are fighting too many wars on too many fronts not to mention the fighting you are doing among yourselves.

I better stop writing this before I say something I wished I had not.