As someone who lives six months of the year in hotels all over the world while on tour it takes a lot for me to feel compelled to write about a place but here goes.

I am often in St Andrews Scotland and as it was the other day I was heading back to Edinburgh. I was driving through a small village just south and pulled up outside a small county hotel/pub. I was in two minds as to whether I wanted to stay or not, but being the curious old fool that I am, in I went. The owner and his wife were there and so we got to chatting. I asked the price, and the the reply was a touch above my budget, but we haggled just a little and I said OK I would stay.

What a great decision for me as this country pub was as close to perfect as possible when it comes to detail. Now I have stayed in all levels of accommodation over years of traveling. I do not like the so called five star. Just not me. However, I do like something with a little style and character and that is what I found with The Inn at Kingsbarns. Quality and comfort was in abundance and when it came to detail, I could not find fault. There was an abundance of style.

I realize that you, my readers, are not likely to be driving through the village of Kingsbarns in Scotland any time soon, but you can at least google the place and have a look and if by any chance you are in the part of the world stop in and say hello to Maxx and a very stylish better half Annette.

Just a thought, but if you were looking to spend a night under a roof and there was to be a touch of passion involved the beds were very comfortable.