The US of A. So Backward

The other night I decided to watch the program 60 mins, which is not something I do all that often, but I must say by the end of the hour, with what I had seen, I was furious and needing to talk with someone, anyone, for reasons due to the content of the show.

One of the stories was to do with Rape in America and the laws in some states that allow the rapist to have access to a child he may have fathered out of that terrible act of abuse. To start with, I really found it hard to get my head around the law. I would not have thought that in this day and age it would be possible for something like that to exist in a first world country, but alas, apparently it does. That country is called America.

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For many years I have visited the US and I would like to think I know the country very well, as I have travelled to and through every state many times. I know much of their laws and I understand their constitution. I am aware of the laws on termination and the rights of a woman, but what I was never aware of is that some Judge’s will give visitation rights to a man who has raped a woman, who as a result of that act has fallen pregnant and gone on to deliver a child. The person (animal) who committed the crime may well have been sentenced to jail time, and yet, when he is released in some states he has the right to have access to that child even if it is not wanted by the child or mother.

So a Judge makes that decision through the court system. Go figure.

When must a judge recuse over a personal relationship? ABA issues ...

Now many of us know that there are laws in the United States that are quite strange and in some cases archaic, but surely this one must as they say “take the cake”. How dare any person make that decision, and especially a male judge who says and thinks that the child has the right to two parents.

My understanding is that there are moves afoot to have this law changed in the states where it still exists, but for me it can not come soon enough.

This is the year 2020 and the US is not a country of the Middle East where some women can, and are, treated in the most terrible way. This is a country that preaches to the world that they are so advanced. Well I am sorry but with a law like that, you (and by that I mean the US) are well behind the times. The trauma of the act is and can be just so horrible, and here you are subjecting the woman who was abused to more abuse.

Wake up lawmakers in the US and make some changes NOW.

#archaicUSA #wakeupamerica #makethechange

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  1. Anonymous

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  2. Heidi-Lee

    Agree this is a shocking law and my heart goes out to woman who are affected. Couldn’t imagine a worse situation to be in

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