They Met In The Butchers Shop

georgeI had a call from my friend George just this afternoon to tell me one of his stories and after listening closely I had a rough idea of what I had wanted to say in an article and had not been able to put it together. It is funny how you can stumble and not be able to express yourself or find the words and then just one thing can make it start to happen.

So I pick up the phone and his opening line is ‘ You will not believe it’  Now I have heard that many many times and my standard reply is ” Believe What ” Well he said I was in my local butcher’s shop just this afternoon and got chatting to the most delightful woman. Really I said, and why on earth was this worth a phone call George, for you talk to people and especially women all over the world and I have never heard you say anything other than they are beautiful.

Yes, he said but this was just a little different for we ended up leaving the shop together and chatted on and on for a good half hour and you know he said I could have talked to her all night about so many many things. Oh so you were wanting to hit on her I suggested. NO, he replied for she was married and had two sons at university. So you asked her if she was married I asked, and he said well not exactly but she talked about her husband. Well yes, George but you talk about your wife and you have not been married for many years, correct?  Yes, he said but I just assumed.

Well in life one should never just assume I said but OK let’s take it that she was married, so why are you telling me all this. I know I am not an easy person he said, but it was just one of those random meetings when time stood still and it was comfortable and for me that does not happen all that often. Go on I said, what happened next? Well it was getting late and we parted company having covered many topics and there is nothing more to say other than she was just a great gal, oh and very, well she had the wow factor George said.  That is Georges way of saying he would like to get to know her better.

Now as I travel the world I get to meet a lot of women who are single and one of the things they tell me is that there are no decent men around. I have written about it on more than one occasion and I wonder just how that has come to be. I also hear a lot about the glass ceiling and the treatment of women in general and wonder if by any chance that some of these problems women are finding both in their personal and professional life can be to some degree attributed to themselves.

I remember many years ago waiting tables in a very good restaurant in Sydney Australia and in came a well-known feminist with a person who was the host of a very high rating TV program.  The place was French, or rather had a French name so the woman spoke to me in French which I did not understand, so she took great delight in putting me down in front of her date because I could not speak the language. Today she is still a single woman and for years complained there were no good men around. I wonder why? I might add to the best of my knowledge she has had many lovers so it is not as if she can not get a start but when it comes to holding onto the ‘it’  is another thing.

I hear the term Misogynist used to describe men often these days but I wonder if those women using the term really know the true meaning for I doubt it. By and large, I do not think that many men hate women. Some do not know how to relate to them but hate is a very strong word. I, on the other hand, have often been told by women that I am an Alpha Male. At the end of the day I am who I am I guess, but when it comes to the gender thing I do think that it is not all one-sided. I am sure the same can be said for George and thankfully he will continue to give me inspiration and ideas for my views and thoughts on this site.

So to you George, I say thank you and perhaps one day while shopping for your Rack of Lamb you just may bump into that wonderful woman you met at the butchers’ shop.



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  1. Lauren Frankovitch

    The most unexpected interaction in the small village of Perth, Canada became a memorable experience.

  2. Andrea

    Amazing writing by the way. I had a little difficulty trying to locate this article/blog.

    Wasn’t entirely sure if I wrote “butcher shop” incorrectly. But I found it!

    I think it can be argued that it’s both men and women. Yes women tend to struggle with find the right guy? But maybe falls a lot on women and their insecurities or past experiences what not. There’s a lot of elements to this. It’s definitely complex.

    Btw read a little of your biography and background, impressive !!

    It was lovely speaking with you at the hotel Mr Harvey! I wish you the best with you travels and future endeavours.

  3. Jemma

    Chance meetings and great conversations

  4. Rose Lines

    It’s amazing who you might meet in a butcher shop. A very thought-provoking article that deserves some healthy debate.

  5. Jackie Sundeen

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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