I have spoken about this many times before but, I have to ask again,  when will former leaders learn to shut up and just go away?

Here we go again with Tony coming out and speaking of another vote on Britain leaving the EU and that the people who voted to exit really did not understand what they were getting themselves into. Mr Blair, if someone had suggested, when you were elected the Prime Minister, that those who voted for you did not understand what they were getting and the country should go to the polls again, what would you have said? Yes, exactly, but here you are sticking your nose in when truly there are not all that many people in your country who look favourably on you these days or even consider what you have to say relevant.

I guess when you are out of the limelight for too long you have to do something to get people to take notice. However, in your case, I really can’t remember that much of what you’ve said over the years was of any interest; unless we count the mess you got yourself into when accepting the hospitality of the former wife of a  media tycoon, but we better not go there or at least leave that for the tabloids.

For better or worse the people of Great Britain have voted to leave the EU and the deal has been done. Let’s move on to winding things up in the best way possible. For those who still have some concerns, pour yourself a stiff drink and relax. You may be surprised to learn that the final outcome may not be as bad as you think. In fact, it may end up benefiting you and your country in many positive ways. I fully believe that there are so many opportunities to be had when all is finalised. I just hope that Theresa and her troops are getting their act together and gearing up to go out and sell what the country has to offer the rest of the world.

But getting back to Tony’s need for the spotlight, we all have our ‘use by date’ and may I suggest that you, Sir, have had yours. So perhaps if you want to avoid views from people like me, stick to doing what you seem to know best; hob-knobbing with B grade personalities and making huge amounts of money speaking about non-events around the world.

Is that too tough? Well perhaps, but sometimes things have to be said and writing a blog does not require one to be politically correct…or does it?

I  appreciate former leaders who know when their time is up and take their bat and ball and head off into the sunset with a touch of style. No one has done that better than George W in my opinion. That is not to say that they are not entitled to a point of view but please refrain from trying to push it too firmly down the general public’s throat.

I do hope you are enjoying the bank statements and their largeness these days, Mr Blair, but just remember how they got to be so in the black. The people of GB who voted you in all those years ago and put you on the path to Money, Money, Money.  Oops! Better not bring ABBA into this.



PS. Getting many Christmas cards from Gordon these days Tony?


There you go. Another former leader putting his head up and having his say. And who was that? The Grey Man, or in baptised names John Major. Now we remember him don’t we?

I am not so sure that he would have being putting a smile on the face of the current PM with what he had to say about Brexit but then who really cares what he thinks for talk about yesterday’s man. Personally, I was of the opinion he was about as exciting in parliament as watching paint dry, but hey we can’t always have a Winston representing us can we?

For God’s sake, the British people have made a decision to leave the EU and it’s going to happen! They really should make the most of it and look to the positive for what can be achieved. From where I sit, it can be quite a lot. The opportunities are there just waiting, especially when it comes to boosting trade with many many countries outside the European Union.

So, Sir John please go back to putting the kettle on for Norma and take your vanity out into the garden and trim the edges of your lawn.

PS. Getting and Christmas cards from Edwina these days? Cheers