I am just about to be confronted with the prospect of a twenty first birthday. I was informed by someone who has a considerable amount of sway over me that it is a big deal, so I must confess it got me thinking and in fact asking the question in this day and age does it still have the significance that it did in years past.

I remember where I spent my 21st birthday actually and I remember with relish Christine, my date for the night who was just beautiful, and what we got up to that evening, the night club we went to and the crowd that was there. So I guess it must have meant something to me for all these years later I can cast my mind back and have a smile on my face.

The thing is, in this day and age it seems that the age for doing lots of things has dropped. I remember you could not vote until you were 21. You had to get your parents consent to get married if you were under 21, and of course you could not have a  drink legally until you were 21. I certainly am not advocating turning the clock back and in fact I love the fact that the younger generation have an opinion on lots of subjects these day.

So back to the big day and the other problem lots of parents face when the big 21 comes around, and that is what is the gift to be. Well of course a lots depends just how much dosh mum and dad have I guess, but then I know lots of parents with the money but do not believe in going over the top by any means.

I wish I fell into that category but sadly no, so it has been months of thinking about what to come up with that will put a smile on the face of a 21 year old. I just hope I have got it right or at least go close to scoring a goal.

Ah the pressure that comes with been a parent but I am sure there are many who will read this and know just what I am talking about.