Valerie TrierweilerI have just finished reading the book which according to it’s cover has become an international bestseller and I feel compelled to say something.

Now as a lover of women and I say that in general terms I must confess having read in papers and  observed on TV what went on in France after the election concerning President Francois Hollande and his partner of some time Valerie Trierweiler. I was expecting from page one to have at least some feelings of sympathy for her but alas NO. I’m not saying I’m coming down on the side of the President one bit, for he comes across in  very poor light with what is written in the book. However, he does also get out there in the real world  without having to get into his behavior and treatment of his former muse/ partner but this, of course, is what the book is all about.

Firstly let me say this, it never ceases to amaze me just how poorly some small men tend to treat women and I say some. What is that all about?  I am generalizing but as a male of a similar age to Francois Hollande,  over the years I have witnessed the treatment that small men hand out to women and I  shake my head in disgust and wonder why? But more importantly how do women put up with it? For me it is nothing more than abuse. Remember there are many forms of it  and a lot can be mental and emotional. Oh yes there are countless cases where women stay as they have no other option but here in this particular case we are dealing with an intelligent woman of substance who was prepared to put up with the abuse and constant lies for many years and claims still it was all in the name of love. Well at the end of the day I am not so sure I am convinced that was the full and total reason but I will leave commenting on that until a little later and get back to the small man in this story.

Francois Hollande you are quite obviously a NARCISSIST and, if what your former partner says is half true, you are a liar. Sir your behavior does not do a lot for all the decent men in the world who actually enjoy the company of women and treat them as equals. Now I know you could not look at yourself in the mirror and be honest for you have many around  who will only tell you what you want to hear. Funny how that happens to people in high office or with large amounts of money. To think that in just over two years you have become the most unpopular President ever says something would you not agree and that is not scratching the surface. I am not here to critic the job you are doing for I will leave that be up to the French press and the voters at the next election but let me just say that you better make the most of your time at the Palace for you will not be there for another term. Still lets look on the up side for after you loose all the trappings that come with your position you will no longer have to sneak out in the dead of night on your Vespa for a quick shag with a B grade actress but by the time that happens you will have lost interest in her and  moved on anyway.

So back to the book and what for me was a bit of a let down on the part of the author. Madame Trierweiler you talk about the poor treatment you received from very early on in your relationship with your then lover. You talk about the constant lies and backstabbing and  of him saying one thing to you and then going behind your back and doing another. This was not according to you an isolated thing but went on time after time. You were put down and humiliated and yet you stayed. Why ?   You talk about the blind love you had but I just wonder if it was not also a case of the power and lifestyle that kept you there and in fact coming back for more. You come across as wanting to do so much for the less privileged and to be a role model for many but while I admire part of that I must confess for a woman of substance and position to continue to put up with the abuse you did year after year does not sit well with me. Surly to some extent it must  come down to setting an example for other women who look up to and admire you.

Now of course a part of your book is focused on the relationship Francois had with a B grade actress and from what you say he continues do do so.  He was unfaithful to you….Correct ? But hang on here is it not that case that you to were also unfaithful to your husband and the father of your three children when you first started your affair. Oh yes I know you can justify it or at least try to as you did in the book but it would be interesting to hear what your former husband felt when he found out you were shagging a small man with big ideas and hopes and what appears to be an even bigger ego.  Could it possibly be the case of two large ego’s getting together and feeding off each other or am I being just a little too hard……

Oh how many times have I heard the line……The partner is the last to know……Really. Well affairs have been going on for centuries and will continue to do so especially in France so just perhaps partners of both sexes should not be so blinked or am I living in a fantasy world.

Well Valerie I have read your book that I purchased in London and yes I have got my moneys worth. Have I learnt anything…..Probably not but one thing is for sure……That old saying Hell Hath No Furry…..etc etc still rings true.

One day you will be in another relationship. Just think how few women could look back on the life experience you have had. This time here is no dress rehearsal Valerie so wether the outfit is a Dior or just off the peg throw it on and get out there  and move on. Spend time with your kids and  friends.




Valerie I have just read how much money your book has now made you and that you have sold the rights for a movie to be made from it. I assume that you are now at a stage where everything to come from the book is on a commercial basis and it would appear that you are doing quite nicely financially. Bravo and good for you but would I be out of order to suggest that without your time with the President which was both good and bad from your point of view you would not be in nearly such a  financial position so just perhaps you can start to see that the glass is half full and in life there can be a silver lining.