Vice President Pence

A Little Man

Oh, how hard it is today to find people in public office that we can actually look up to. There are some who mean well, but most are only in the job for what they can get out of it. Over the years I have heard and, I might add, used the term, little man, as it refers to certain traits in a person. Of course, it’s not flattering but it’s a fact and it does exist. It is not about stature but it’s funny how often the person being referred to is not all that tall, and how the word ego often goes hand in glove.

    In this case I really feel that the analogy  can aptly apply to the American vice president and the way he just stands behind his leader, clapping and nodding approval to all that he says and does. How can you do that Mr Pence when you are so very quick to tell your country that you are a Christian, and follow the teachings of your Lord but there you are supporting a narcissistic person who has been heard on tape bragging about just what he can do to, and with young women. He is known for his misogyny, and it’s a fact that he’s told so many lies since he became president that most have lost count. Then there are the many women who have claimed that the President has groped them and forced himself on them, yet he sticks to the line that they are all lying. Fake news he claims.  But you sir continue to support him, well on the surface that is. I just wonder what’s going on behind the scenes with you and your ambition to become  President. Of course you’re going to deny this and tell your country and followers of your total unconditional support for the current President.

What a joke!

Could that be just a little two faced or is it the way of a little man with ambition to one day, in the not too distant future, move into the White House? As much as I find Donald Trump a totally unsuitable person to be the US President, and on a personal level a total disgrace as a male, you sir I have just as little time for, perhaps even less.  

Your leader continues to push the line, “Make America great again,” but in fact he and you –  and the rest of those old white men who stand behind him as he puts his signature to so called Executive Orders and then loves to show the world – are doing exactly the opposite. You and the rest of your tribe will not be told, but I can assure you that much of the world continues to see the US going down the S bend in a very BIG way. Many  countries and their people have lost respect and will continue to do so as long as the current regime  exists in Washington.

So to you Mike Pence I say rise above the fray and stick to your alleged principles and take a stand. If you cannot do that because you are hanging in there for the number one spot, and I am sure this is the case, then I just wonder how you can look yourself in the mirror in the morning when slapping on the cologne.




We have now a situation where the President of The United States has insulted many countries with his comments and once again we see you VP Pence standing in the background applauding and nodding your head with approval. I was looking to see where the puppeteer was who was pulling your strings. Like I said a very little man just waiting in the background for his chance to take over the number one spot when your country finally wakes up to the fact that your golf playing Commander in Chief is a complete idiot with a very short attention span.


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  1. Heidi-Lee

    Absolutely spot on – and that is also true of all the Republicans in office who stand behind Trump. He should have been impeached. Pence is the worst at VP.

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