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When I am on tour in far away places meeting people from all walks of life one of the most common questions I get asked is ” What is my favorite city ” and where would I like to go for a holiday.  I also get asked what do I do to relax.

I am reading a book at the moment by an actor named Andrew McCarthy titled  THE LONGEST WAY HOME,  ( One Man’s Quest for the Courage to Settle Down ), and I must confess that so much of it could have been written by me.  Now do not get me wrong, I am not actor, but Andrew has also spent much of his life traveling and writing for a living and it is in this area that we have a lot in common.

Well for all those who want to know the answers to what I do and do not like travel wise, I have to say that my favorite country is Scotland. I have loved it from the first time I went there and I have visited many many times since. Of course there are so many beautiful places around the world and I have been so lucky with the work I have done for so many years and continue to do to visit places that are off the beaten track.

As for where I would like to go for a holiday I really can not give a satisfactory answer for I do not take holidays as such. I could no longer sit on the beach all day than fly to the moon, and I can not stand places that are so very touristy. Standing in any sort of line waiting to get on or off something would drive me just crazy so the holiday thing I can not really answer.

If you were to force me to come up with something, I would say that for me to just jump on my motorcycle and head down the coast south from where I live and stay at a small village over looking the ocean would be as close as I could get to enjoying myself. Of course there would need to be a few good places to eat and if by some remote chance there was a beautiful women who wanted to join me then that would be just fine but when you are getting past your used by date that does not happen very often if at all.

Now the other question I get asked is the one about what do I do to relax? Well I am quite happy with my own company and I do read a lot and love the theater and of course when I am on the road I dine out every night. There are good places and often if I am in a small town, some that are not so good. I would like to think I take it all in my stride.

As I write this I am sitting in a very smart hotel in the mid west of the United States having had dinner last night in a very up market place that was frightfully expensive, if you call paying $6 for a potato expensive.  Two nights ago I was in a small town and it was sunset and I was tired as I had been traveling all day so I checked into a  motel. In fact the only one in this  small town. It  was a dump and the only place in town to eat was a very average Chinese restaurant. But is this not what life can be about?   The ups and downs that we have to go through.

A couple of weeks ago by chance I came across a very beautiful STREAM and felt so drawn to it that I continued to return. Initially I thought  I would just enjoy and move on but I found it to be so relaxing and beautiful  just been beside it gave me a really good feeling . A sort of calm came over me while listening to the flow of water over the rocks and to gaze upon it gave my heart just a skip or two which I found most amazing. It was truly a very beautiful stream.

I would love to be able to visit often and just enjoy the peace and serenity surrounding it.  Perhaps one day I will find the time to camp for a while and wake up beside it while enjoying the quite. As it was very private I could bathe in it and drink from it. Just listen to it babbling away.

So with the crazy life I lead, something like that I can find very relaxing.  Who would of thought I could fall in love with a stream. Ah but this was not just any ordinary stream, It was ever so beautiful.

Now for the first time in my life I am going to be possessive and not reveal where it is other than to say somewhere in California…





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