I have been mulling this topic over in my head for a few days now because someone who I love dearly and who knows me pretty darn well told me recently she thought I was lonely. It got me thinking about the topic and the more I thought about it the more I felt compelled to put pen to paper or in this case fingers to the keyboard, for you see I think the person in question was wrong, but then again if in fact she was right what if anything could I do about it?

As I travel a great deal on my own I like to observe. I do a lot of that in the evening when I am out to dinner and although I always have with me a book and a lamp I might add, in case the restaurant has dim lighting as many do, I can always read while I am dinning. I must say I have lost count of the number of times I have seen a couple at another table and they say almost nothing to each other the entire time that they are there.

Do they actually have nothing to say to each other or do they just prefer to not talk, and if that is the case could one or both actually be lonely. If this is the case why are they out together, and perhaps one could ask the question why are they a couple if in fact they are. And lets not forget the couples who go out to dine and spend the whole time on the phone or texting. I must say when I see this I just shake my head.

I remember once some years ago I was having dinner in a very upscale place in Arizona and there was a couple at the table next to me who did not say much the whole evening. I am reading my book and not paying too much attention but towards the end of the evening the gentleman go up to go to the bathroom, and when he did the woman turned to me to asked what I was reading and continued to chat until her partner returned. She then went back to saying very little. Wow I thought if this is what been in a relationship is all about give me my book and lamp any day.

How often do you hear about people in the public eye who are very lonely? Actors are often like that. I remember when I was very young talking to a beautiful woman at a club in Sydney Australia, who a few years earlier had been crowned Miss World. Yes that is right you heard me correctly. She told me that she found men had great difficulty approaching her. I could not understand that as I went right up to her and said hello and we got along just fine. In fact we dated for a while. She told me for the year that she held the crown and traveled the world, she found it to be very lonely.

I have often wondered just how lonely people who are homeless get or if in fact they prefer things to be the way they are. I sometimes look at myself and consider I could be considered homeless in some way as I lead a very transient life but when the show is over and the curtain falls and you are back to your hotel room you are alone, well unless luck has come your way and for me that is just a distant and vague memory. I have never found this to make me feel lonely though.

I guess a doctor or someone who is in the lonely business will have a lot more information on the subject than a silly old fool like me but if by any chance you read this and you are feeling lonely you can always drop me a line with your email address and I will endeavor to bring a smile to your face.